To study the effectiveness of homoeopathic management based on physical appearance of the patient and thus-  To study the role of physical appearance in the selection of homoeopathic medicines.  To verify the reliable indications of medicine pertaining to physical appearance of patient. 8. REVIEW OF LITERATURE: As per as my thorough study and internet search, some research work has been done on similar topic which will be reviewed in my dissertation. Homoeopathic medicines useful in such conditions have been found in many of our literatures of great stalwarts from Hahnemann’s period till date. These materials will be taken as a source of reference. Articles from various magazines and Govt. bulletins on this topic (if found) will be taken as related literature. 9. MATERIALS & METHODS: 9.1. STUDY SETTING:  The study will be conducted among the patients of Outdoor-patient department (OPD) and Indoor-patient department (IPD) of D. N. De Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital.  The study will also be conducted among the patients from other sources if available.  STUDY PERIOD- 6 months of inclusion and minimum follow-up for 6 months.

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