APPENDIX:  Request letter to guide for selection of topic for dissertation  Approval letter from guide for selection of topic for dissertation.  Ethical clearance certificate from ethical committee.  Patient’s consent form.   12. SIGNATURE OF THE CANDIDATE 13. REMARKS OF GUIDE 14. PARTICULARS OF GUIDE 14.1. Name & Designation (in BLOCK letters) 14.2. Address 14.3. Signature 15. PARTICULARS OF CO-GUIDE 15.1.Name & designation 15.2.Address 15.3.Signature 16. PARTICULARS OF THE DEPARTMENT 16.1.Name of the department 16.2.Name of the H.O.D. 16.3.Signature 17. 17.1.Remark of the principal/ Head of the institution 17.2.Signature Seal

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