6.3. BACKGROUND AND JUSTIFICATION OF STUDY: This is a known fact that physical appearance has a great role in homoeopathic prescribing and there are several cases scattered in homoeopathic literature reflecting this fact. In 6th aphorism of the Organon of Medicine, Hahnemann himself mentions that a portrait of a disease can be formed from three sources at least half of which is formed form the objective signs as perceived by the physician himself or by those around the patient. This fact is also reflected in aphorism 90 by the following statement “When the physician has finished writing down these particulars, he then makes a note of what he himself observes in the patient” (The foot note to this aphorism also gives support with regard to the expression on his face, his manner of speaking, the colour of his face, eyes and skin, the state of his tongue, and his outward gesture while sitting walking etc.) More over prescription on totality of symptoms based on marked physical appearance has always been a fascinating experience both for the physician and the viewers. As a child I was myself cured of high fever with a few doses of stramonium prescribed on the basis of physical appearance.(the most striking symptom being sudden starts from sleep and the great loquacity and delirium.). So study of this phenomenon in detail has been in my mind since a long time.

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