Data will be collected on the basis of case taking, administration of medicine, follow up of each case, second prescription and final outcome assessment. SHORT DESCRIPTION FOR DATA COLLECTION: • Case recording- One standard case recording format will be prepared for maintaining the clinical profiles of the patients which will incorporate the bio-data as well as other specific information about the patients, including their age, sex, occupation, habitat, habits, education, socio-economic status, their presenting features from four dimensions of location, sensation, modalities, concomitants and their mode of onset, progress, intra-uterine history, past history including injuries, milestones, vaccination, family / personal, physical and mental generals etc. The routine examination of blood, urine, stool and special examination will be done whenever necessary. • Selection of medicine- After thorough case-taking, the selection of simillimum will be done giving due importance to the following factors:  Physical appearance  Constitution  Miasmatic diagnosis  Past and family history  Treatment history  Accessory circumstances After considering the above factors simillimum will be selected and administered in different potencies according to the case beforehand.

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