There may not be any sort of side effects as in modern drugs and may cure the condition.  3. Possible financial and treatment benefit for the suffering humanity. Furthermore, by participating in this study you will have the satisfaction of contributing to the difficult task of evaluating efficacy of Homoeopathic medicines and advancing medical science. This, in itself, is a worthy cause. You will not have to bear the cost of the trial medicines to be done for the study.  Right of Privacy  All data obtained in response to the study medication, during the course of this study, will be kept confidential and will be accessible only to the investigating physicians and the reviewer / analyst for the study. If the results of the study are published, you may be referred to by number or initials but not by name so as to protect your identity. Finally, please note that you are free to withdraw consent and take you out from this study any time you choose without having to assign any reasons whatsoever from doing so. This will not compromise your relations with the physicians involved. You may also be withdrawn from the study by the investigating physician if he feels that further continuation is not in the best interests of his patient’s health.  Contacts for Additional or Emergency Information:  Dr. MD. Taha Khan.  Contact No. 9748546838

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