Frequency distribution of the collected data will be done following standard statistical methods to evaluate the selected parameters of response to the experiment. The analyzed data will be presented in appropriate format. DATA ANALYSIS Clinical Global impression severity scale Overall severity and improvement shall be assessed with Clinical Global Impression (CGI) Scale. The CGI includes two scales one for severity assessment and other for improvement assessment. Clinical Global Impression – severity scale is a single item scale, assessing severity of illness on seven point (1= not ill; to 7= severely ill). This scale is to be assessed at the time of baseline assessment and at every subsequent follow-up visits. Clinical Global Impression – improvement scale is a single item scale, assessing the improvement of patients condition on seven points (1= very much improved; to 7= not much improved). This scale shall be assessed at every follow-up visits. To make a uniform assessment of each patient following criteria shall be followed for the assessment of the patient after treatment:

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