Cervical Lymphadenopathy

They are the enlarged lymph nodes in the neck.


  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • redness


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Case Studies

This patient suffering from  cervical  lymph adenoma for  a  good long
time came for my consultation  after  trying  several treatment for  not

As the growth was pretty big and was not responding to the treatments he had
undertaken, he was much worried.  He  was  not  inclined  to  go  for  operation,
because of the worse which many often  happens  in  such  cases,  and more so
because he was aware of the good effects of homoeopathic treatment for such

I took up the case and prescribed the indicated medicine, Con.M in this
case in 1M potency 2 doses of which were given at  12 hrs.  interval.  Action  of
the medicine was simply amazing, as only within  three  days  the  tumour  burst
open and started discharging. It continued to discharge for another week or so,
but after which it started healing. Luckily the healing in  this  case  was also fast
and at the end of 10 days it got completely healed  leaving  only a faint  scar  at
the site of the tumour. I did not need to repeat the medicine, only placebo were
given at each visit and only  2 doses of Con. was  sufficient  enough to  bring all
the happiness for the patient.

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