Definition- They are cysts that develop on the scalp.


  • A small, round bump under the skin
  • Redness
  • Swelling and
  • Tenderness.
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Case Studies

Homoeopathy is how fast in action can be understood by simply observing the progress of this patient. The patient came with a cystic growth below the occipital region on the left side just below the margins of the hairs. It was there for a pretty long time causing lot of worry to the patient. Patient was very much afraid because of the adverse results it may take as narrated by other physicians/surgeons. When this patient came to our consultation we assured him of the outcome of our treatment and that there was not much of danger as it was least likely to become malignant. Calc.sulph200 was prescribed which caused the cyst to suppurate within 15 days. It took another 15-20 days for complete recovery of the growth as is evident from the picture.

For Treatment

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