Gangrene is a skin condition where the cell dies due to lack of blood supply.


  • Discolouration.
  • Foul smell.


  • Diabetes
  • Addiction to tobacco


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Case Studies

Date of 1st. consultation 13.7.2005.This patient suffering from tendency to gangrenecame for my consultation in July 2005 with a complaint of gangrene in his left third toe for I month.

Before coming to me he had suffered from gangrene and his rt. great toe as well as the 2nd
toes had been asmputed in the year 2000 with rt.lumbar sympathectomy in 2000 and then lt.
lumbar sympathectomy in the year  2003.  This time again  he  was  advised  for  amputation
along with some other operation. As he was not ready to take  any  more  chance  and  that
the operations in fact had been of no help to him, he decided  for  my  consultation. At  that
time the totality pointed to  Ars.Alb.  which   was   given  in  0/1 potency,  and  continued  in
ascending potency. At the end of about 2-3 months of treatment patient recovered fully and
so much so that there remained no trace of any gangrene or ulcer  at the  affected  site.  He
continued to take my treatment for any complaint during this entire period and has developed
such a faith in me that for any complaint he comes for treatment to me only. On 13.8.2014 he
came for an ulcer  at  the  base  of  his  left 5th toe,  which  again was  threatening to  become
gangrenous after an insect bite. Thanks God a few doses of Apis.M did the right  job  and  he
became perfectly o.k.

P.S.The beauty of true homoeopathic treatment is that it not only relieves
the symptom and complaints patient might have come for consultation,
but  it  eradicates  the  tendency  of  such  sufferings  and  that too most
judiciously and harmless way.

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