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Herpes zoster is a viral infection of the posterior root ganglia of a few segments of the spinal or cranial nerves. The infection is characterised by a very painful vesicular eruption along the course of the infected nerves. The total duration of the disease from onset to complete recovery is about 5 weeks.

This patient suffering from herpes zoster came for consultation. At the time of consultation he was severe burning pain with fever. The skin of the affected area was so sensitive that he was not able to keep clothes over it. The burning and pain was > in open air and also by fanning and putting col water over it. Apis M 0/1 was prescribed to be taken 6 hrly. for a week. At the end of the week when he came for follow up he was much relieved. I continued the same medicine in same potency for another week, of course, this time the dose was reduced to twice daily. At the end of second week there was no complaint left, except the shallow scars showing the healing of the skin eruptions. This case illustrates the fast recovery which occurs after a correctly prescribed homoeopathic medicine. A correct homoeopathic medicine does not give relief of the sufferings alone, but it cuts short the entire period of sufferings from the disease.

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This 36 yr old lady had been under my treatment for multiple Lumbo-Sacral pathology including compression of the neural foramina along with severe pain in both of her lower limbs. She was suffering from trembling of extremities and body; she had hypertension too.

On 14/02/16, she came for consultation of Herpes Zoster affecting her Right infra-scapular and Right infra-mammary region. She had symptoms common to Herpes Zoster, such as pain, burning etc. She was given medicine for one week.

Then she came to report on 21/02/16, much relieved as is evident from the photographs.

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