Psoriasis in the drying of the skin cells that may cause itching, redness and buring.


  • Redness of skin.
  • Dry skin
  • Itching
  • Burning

Types of psoriasis

Plaque psoriasis.
Nail psoriasis.
Scalp psoriasis.
Guttate psoriasis.
Inverse psoriasis.
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Case Studies

This patient came for consultation in the month on October 2014. At that time he had eruption all over the body including great thickening if the nails of the fingers and toes. He was also having pain in the joints. Some 12-14 years ago he had suffered from tuberculous pleurisy affecting both lungs for which he had taken conventional ani-tuberculous therapy. He was also having loss of sleep at the time of consultation, he had a history of trauma to the nose for which he took treatment and that caused the development of psoriatic eruption. As it was not getting relieved by any treatment he was admitted at Medical College kolkata where he was diagnosed as suffering from Idiopathic Erythroderma.

For me the indications were in Ars iod. which was first prescribed on 19.10.2014 in millicimal potency. The relief started after first prescription itself along with the relief in the itching and eruption his blood sugar which was at the upper border also came down to normal. There were periods of less relief and more relief and I continued Ars. iod upto 0/13 on 2/5/2015. He came to report on 5/6/2015 with skin eruption somewhat relieved but developed Right sided facial paralysis for which cause was not ascertain able. Causticum 0/1 was prescribed. Within a short time of 1 month the facial paralysis was relieved. Again I took up the treatment of psoriasis again with Ars. iod 10 M/2D given on 16/7/2015. On the last consultation on 26/4/2016 the patient is much better with skin and nails almost coming back to normalcy. The patient is still under observation.

For Treatment

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