Kidney Stones

Kidney stones aka nephrolithiasis are stone formations in the kidneys.


  • pain
  • Burning urination.
  • Smelly urine.
  • Nausea
  • Frequent urination.
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Case Studies

This is a case of Ureteric calculi with Nephrolithiasis both kidneys. The patient, aged 32 M, came with the USG report shown above dated 11.02.2016. The Kidney showed a solitary calculus of width 11mm in its lower calyx. The patient was previously under treatment of some Nephrologist who had advised him for immediate surgery seeing the size of the calculi. It is very common for a non-homoeopathic practitioner to panic seeing such size of stones and  to advise surgery in such cases, unaware of the fact  that homoeopathy alone is self sufficient to expel kidney stones even in cases where the size of the stone is 11mm. (Note that Rt. Ureteric calculi measures 14mm).

On going into the details of the case the patient was suffering from pain in the Rt. Lumbar region of the  abdomen. The pain was <(agg.) towards evening and at night and there was no relief whatsoever. There was also Pain+ burning before urination. Patient was suffering from flatulence with constant gas formation in the stomach. Appetite was less. After taking few more generalities the patient was prescribed LYCO200/4D on 16/2/2016.

On the next visit after a week (i.e. on 23/2/2016) the burning was reduced by 50%. Appetite improved. Placebo was continued.
On 1/3/2016, burning and pain while micturition subsided completely. Again Placebo was prescribed and an USG was advised to be done.
USG impression is shown in the pic above. Rt.sided calculi was expelled along with Rt ureteric calculi. The patient was very happy and the Nephrologist was amazed by the result. (The patient had visited the nephrologist with the USG report)

Few days back patient had Lt. sided abdominal pain along with common cold symptoms. LYCO 200/4D was repeated on 8/4/2016 and the pain subsided the following day hopefully along with the stone.  The patient is still continuing my treatment and has been advised an USG to be done to confirm the expulsion.

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