Scalp Cyst

Definition- They are cysts that develop on the scalp.


  • A small, round bump under the skin
  • Redness
  • Swelling and
  • Tenderness.
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Case Studies

This man of about 40 years of age was having this small cyctic growth on his scalp. The patient was more worried because of the cosmetic reason, as the growth was looking very bad for his face, though it was a bit covered by the tuft of hair, even then it was visible to a careful eyes. The patient was prescribed indicated medicine which gradually brought desired relief and patient was cured of this within 8-9 months of starting my treatment. I do not remember now the name of the medicine which brought all the relief for the patient nor am I able to locate the records of this patient. The photographs were available there in my record and some of students desired and insisted to upload this on the website.

P.S. Many patients suffering from such small, practically insignificant, complaints come for consultation largely due to cosmetic reason. Many of them prefer homoeopathy, because they know it can do miracles and that most often even a carefully done surgery leaves some scar at the site of the growth/ operation, which in itself is not less bad for the face.

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