It is a bacterial infection on the eyelids.

Causes – bacterial infeciton.


  • Tender swelling.
  • Red.
  • Painful.
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Case Studies

A case of Styes: Styes is a  suppurative  infection  of  a  marginal  gland  of
the eyelid. This also represents an inflammation  of  the  sebaceous  gland
of an eyelash.

This photograph represents a case of infected styes. This lady patient was an old patient
of mine taking treatment for her other complaints.  During the treatment  she  developed
this infection and came for   consultation.  She  was  a  bit worried  because the pain and
swelling of the eyelids and wanted to know whether she should take treatment from some
allopathic doctor, as homoeopathy is usually not of much help for acute complaints of such
boil or abscess( in her opinion). I assured her by   saying   that   homoeopathy  is  equally
effective for any such boil or  abscess and ,rather, it  works  faster   and  the  total  time
required for complete recovery may be  even   less   than what it takes  for   some   other
system of treatment. 6 doses of Bell. 30 was given to  the lady  to   be   taken  twice  for
three days followed by 6 doses of placebo to be taken   twice  for  three  days  and  the
lady was left  with an instruction to report   after  a   week   and   to consult any time for
any complication whatsoever during this period. The lady  came   to   report   only   after
about 15 days and I was happy   to   find   her  in   fully  recovered. On questioning why
she did not come to report after one   week   and   moreover   the   doses   were   in fact
only for a week; she replied due to  her   other    preoccupations   and   more so because
she got relief almost within 4- 5 days of taking my   powders only.  Once she sensed   the
relief she  had   no    urgency   of    coming  and  taking the pain of reporting and  waiting
unnecessarily for hours for my consultation. She started taking  medicines  for  her  other
constitutional problems and no other medicine was required for her this styes.

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