Tongue Ulcers

Tongue ulcers are ulcers or cuts on the tongue.


  • Bleeding
  • pain
  • Swelling
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Case Studies

This photograph is of a case of 45 years aged man who was suffering from this trophic
ulcer for a very long time.

Though he was taking medicines for Diabetes but  it  was  not  fully  controlled and over
and     above   he  had  suffered  a  lot  due  to  this ulcer which was hampering his daily
work-schedule too much. He was afraid of the amputation which  was  advised by some
other doctor and more so because it might recur  in  some  other toes. I gave him all the
assurance of complete recovery  with  homoeopathy,  as  because  I  had  brought very
satisfying results to many  of  my patients suffering from such ulcers including gangrene,
in  some   cases   multiple  ulcer/gangrene. The   remedy  which covered the totality was
Sec.c. which was  given  in  0/1  potency  and  continued  for  entire period of treatment
in ascending  potency, till  the elief was brought. At the end of 5-6 months of treatment
the toe shows completely healed  ulcer.  Along with Sec.C the patient was given 4 doses
of Insulin 30 as  an  intercurrent  remedy in  a  month. Needless to mentionbhis Diabetes
came under full control.

P.S. Use of Insulin  as  an  intercurrent remedy may need  some discussions
for professionals and homoeopathic practitioners, for I am ever  open  and

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